Customer service assessment, identification of hidden[4]needs, validation of potential new products and services.

How to research customer needs?

As Steve Blank put it, "There are no facts inside the building, so get the hell outside."

Customer research is a tool that allows you to quickly get a complex idea of the behavior, needs, motivations, expectations, perceptions, and fears of your target customer.

Client research is used for:

  • Identify issues within the service delivery of a business or a product

  • Optimize marketing communications

  • Gain insights about customer needs

  • Test potential new products, services, and business models

  • Prepare to enter new markets

Timely customer research and correct interpretation of its results helps avoid losses and identify new growth points for the company.

customer research

Here's what we use in research:

  • In-depth interviews: this technique allows you to build deep empathy with the client and gain deeper understanding of the causal links in client behavior.

  • Observation: this technique helps us find out how exactly the client solves a certain problem, what difficulties they face, and how they adapt and optimize their actions.

  • The Moccasin Approach: living through the client's experience in real conditions.

  • Technical tools of monitoring customer interaction with digital interfaces{

How to make the digital user experience great?

The Craft Innovations team offers quick and comprehensive customer research services.

What we do:

  • Recruit respondents (worldwide) 

  • Prepare questions or tests

  • Conduct research or support (training) of the customer's team

  • Interpret obtained data and prepare an analytical report.

Qualitative research provides managers, product managers, marketers, service designers with objective information straight from the original source—the client—which helps them make strategic and tactical decisions.

Why do businesses research customers

New Opportunities

Develop new products and services based on the insights

Competitive Intelligence

Know where your competitors are doing a better job than you

Service Improvement

What aspects of your service or products do customers expect to perform better?

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