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What is the digital experience?

Digital Experience or User Eperience (UX) is how a person feels when interacting with digital systems. For example: a site, a mobile application, an interactive terminal or any other contact that can be described as "human / device".

Why is it important for business to take care of UX?

In general, UX is important because it tries to meet the needs of the user.

It aims to provide a positive digital experience that will make users more loyal to a product or brand. In addition, UX will help identify the customer trips on your website that are most conducive to business success: drive sales growth, drive inquiries and contacts, repurchase returns, and more.

However, even companies that are 100% offline only need to worry about digital contact points: for example, sites where people can quickly find information about a business; presence on the cards so that the person traveling for the first time to your office made it convenient and so on. A more UX expert will help such a company build processes during the digital transformation of your business.

How to make the digital user experience great?

There is no clear instruction or algorithm. The truth is that everyone's user experience is individual and integrated, ie one that is influenced by many different factors. A significant success factor is the desire of business to systematically study and improve different types of experience, including digital.

How we work with UX in CRAFT INNOVATIONS

For each project we individually form the necessary stages that will help achieve the goals. In general, our range of services is as follows:


- We study the context

- We audit the digital system

- We research users

- We design a map of users' path

- We work with information architecture

- We model hypotheses, plan, test and evaluate experiments

- We help to counter new decisions

- Accompany during the stage of visual design and implementation

- We form a strategy of systematic work to improve UX

- We train the internal team, etc.

Why do businesses invest in UX

Growth of indicators

Behind the growth in numbers is the experience of specific people who are researching and improving UX

Competitive advantage

Better digital experiences will help increase loyalty and referrals

Investment protection

UX will help you avoid the failure of a digital project or a costly redesign

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