Increasing the profitability of the business through customer service delivery process design

Customer experience -

is your company's competitive advantage

- Which factors influence customers' loyalty to a brand, product, or a service?

- Why do customers line up to the doors of some businesses, while others have to constantly advertise and offer discounts to attract new or retain their existing customers?

- How does customer centricity increase the profits of businesses?

The customer experience is the totality of emotional, rational, physical, and intangible elements of interaction between the client and the company, and the client's assessment of this process. If the client is satisfied with their experience, there's a very good chance they'll come back.

Customer Decision Map

Businesses run a risk of losing customers at every stage if they do not understand their customer's expectations from the experience and their assessments of it.
Many factors are at play here:

Customer decision making factors

How to make the customer experience great?

At Craft Innovations, we help businesses not only find answers to questions concerning their customers, but also design solutions that improve their customer experience and increase business profitability.

There is no one clear solution or algorithm. he truth is that experience of every customer is unique and integrated, and it is influenced by many different factors. Central to success is the desire of a business to systematically study and improve different types of experience, including digital.

Why do businesses invest in CX

Customer Loyalty

Increases your customer lifecycle, their willingness to recommend and promote your company

Company Brand

Positive customer experience increases the market value of your company and its brands.

Financial Indicators

High CX reduces price elasticity and customer maintenance costs, increases sales.

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