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Business Model Design

Business model is a framework of a company's means of earning money and delivering value to its customers.

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Most companies adopt a logic already prevalent in the industry, which leads to similarities in their offerings. As a result, competition is often reduced to costs and prices.

Operational efficiency, lobbying, vertically integrated supply chains, investing in your brand—all those factors are supposed to protect the market position of existing players. But are they enough to protect you in the long run?

Uber, Airbnb, Monobank, Amazon, PillPack, Netflix, Glovo, Tesla, and other prominent companies have reformatted classic markets through new approaches to creating, delivering, and monetizing customer value over competing in price.

Craft Innovations helps businesses to go beyond industrial logic, develop and test new business models, and master the methodology behind them to be used independently.

Business model development process

Business model development framework
Stage 1. Analyzing the environment
Stage 2. Generating ideas and designing a business model
Stage 3. In-market concept validation
Stage 4. Developing a procedure for the implementation of a new business model in the company

Why might a business look for new business models?

Increase profits

Increase sales with a better value proposition

Enter new markets

By redesigning your product, its distribution models, and monetization

Protect your market position

In response to the actions of your competition or the changing rules of the game

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